Isaac Moss (b.1995, Dumfries, UK) 




Isaac Moss is an artist based in Edinburgh. A graduate as of June 2018, Isaac studied  'Fine Arts' specialising in painting at Edinburgh College of Art. Isaac's Practice explores the relationship between image and language,  predominantly using the mediums of painting and printmaking.




 BA Painting, Edinburgh College of Art.




I. Moss & Others (2-6th April) Astaire Art Prize, Shortlist Exhibition. FireStation ECA. Edinburgh. 

I Moss & T. Kiyiya (10th- February) Uneducated Minds PopUp Exhibition. Zamenhofstraat 94. Amsterdam. 


I. Moss & Just Guts (11th December) Bust A Gut 

I. Moss & Others (6-12 March) Every Child. West Barns Studios, Dunbar.

I. Moss & Others (3rd- February) Splash of colour. Balmoral Hotel. Edinburgh. 



I. Moss (6th-December) -TAROT-. E15. ECA. Edinburgh.

I. Moss (26th-May) Rubble n Trouble PopUp Exhibition. Palazzo Pitti. Brandenburg, Germany.

I. Moss, S. Ozer, N. Gustafson, S. Fricska (March 12-20th) Leave No Trace. Tent Gallery. Edinburgh.



I. Moss & others (22-27th- June) Totnes art and design foundation final show. KENNICOT. Devon. 

G. Wallis, I. Moss (9-21st January) Wallis and Moss Artwork. The Ariel Center, Devon.


PLEASUREDOME# Exhibition/ Club night. Wee Red Bar. Edinburgh. 

24th-March 2018

3rd-Feburary 2018 

30th-November 2017

6th-April 2017

21st-January 2017


Awards And Prizes:

Shortlisted for the Astaire Prize 2018 

Shortlisted for the WOON prize 2018